Oregon Historical Quarterly/Volume 44

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Oregon Historical Quarterly  (1943)  edited by Alfred Powers
Volume 44

Number 1 (March)[edit]

  • Oregon Geographic Names: Second Supplment. by Lewis A. McArthur
  • Battleship Oregon's 50 Years: 1893-1943. by Leonard Wiley
  • Origin of the Chinook Jargon on the North West Coast (reprinted). by F. W. Howay
  • Account of Early Pioneering in the Alsea Valley. by J. F. Santee and F. B. Warfield
  • A Pioneer Judge of Oregon: Matthew P. Deady. by Sidney Teiser
  • Early Electric Interurbans in Oregon. by Randall V. Mills
  • "Reviews"
  • "Shorter Notices"
  • "OHS Standing Committees, 1943"
  • "News and Comment"
  • "Necrology"
  • "Members"

Number 2 (June)[edit]

  • Eugene's Theatres and "Shows" in Horse and Buggy Days. by Alice Henson Ernst
  • An Early Steamboating Era on the Willamette (reprinted). by James O'Meara
  • Tributaries of the Willamette: Yamhill, Santiam, Calapooya. by Ruth Rydell, Alice Greve, Mildred Kerr (respectively)
  • Project of Community History in Centralia High School. by Herndon Smith
  • Oregon Geographic Names: Third Supplement. by Lewis A. McArthur
  • Winning Beekman Prize Essay on the Oregon Trail. by Mary Patricia Rawe
  • The Society's Librarian. by Alfred Powers
  • "News and Comment"
  • "Necrology"

Number 3 (September)[edit]

  • "Thompson Coit Elliott, 1862-1943: A Tribute. by F. W. Howay
  • Eugene's Theatres and "Shows" in Horse-and-Buggy Days (cont.). by Alice Henson Ernst
  • Specimen of Abernethy Rock: A Medium of Exchange. by Stephen H. Bibler
  • 22 Letters of David Logan, Pioneer Oregon Lawyer. ed. by Harry E. Pratt
  • Oregon Geographic Names: Fourth Supplement. by Lewis A. McArthur
  • Recollections of J. F. Stevens and Senator Mitchell. by William H. Galvani
  • "Reviews"
  • "Shorter Notices"
  • "News and Comment"
  • "Necrology"

Number 4 (December)[edit]

  • Oregon Geographic Names: Fifth Supplement. by Lewis A. McArthur
  • The Wagon Train of 1843--Its Dual Significance. by S. B. L. Penrose
  • George Turner of Supreme Court of Washington Territory. by Claudius O. Johnson
  • Early Electric Interurbans in Oregon (cont.). by Randall V. Mills
  • "Shorter Notices"
  • "Ninety Years Ago"
  • "News and Comment"
  • Judge F. W. Howay (reprinted)
  • "Necrology"
  • Announcement. by Alfred Powers
  • "Index"