Our American Holidays - Christmas/A Christmas Lullaby

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Sleep, baby, sleep! The Mother sings:
Heaven's angels kneel and fold their wings.
                     Sleep, baby, sleep!

With swathes of scented hay Thy bed
By Mary's hand at eve was spread.
                     Sleep, baby, sleep!

At midnight came the shepherds, they
Whom seraphs wakened by the way.
                     Sleep, baby, sleep!

And three kings from the East afar,
Ere dawn came, guided by the star.
                     Sleep, baby, sleep!

They brought Thee gifts of gold and gems.
Pure orient pearls, rich diadems.
                     Sleep, baby, sleep!

But Thou who liest slumbering there,
Art King of Kings, earth, ocean, air.
                     Sleep, baby, sleep!

Sleep, baby, sleep! The shepherds sing:
Through heaven, through earth, hosannas ring.
                     Sleep, baby, sleep!