Outlines of Psychology (Wundt)/Translator's Preface (1st English Ed.)

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THIS translation was made with the cooperation of the author, who not only contributed many valuable criticisms and suggestions in regard to terminology, but also read all the proof-sheets as they were being prepared for the press. A few verbal changes have been introduced into the text with a view to making the discussion somewhat clearer.

The difficulties that arise in choosing English equivalents for many German words, are too familiar to require detailed discussion. The translator has derived assistance in this respect from a comparison of other standard translations, especially the English versions of Falckenberg’sHistory of Modern Philosophy”, Wundt’sLectures on Human and Animal Psychology”, and Külpe’sOutlines of Psychology”. The terminology here employed differs, however, at many points from that used in the works mentioned. A glossary of the principal terms has been added for the benefit of those familiar with the German. The translation of the word “Perception” is unusual. If it were translated ‘perception’ it would be easily confused, especially in its verbal forms, with the only possible equivalent of “Wahrnehmung”, “wahrnehmen”, and “Anschauung”. Since the process referred to by “Perception” is so entirely different from that indicated by the English word perception, it seemed best to employ a word whose signification is not so fixed. Apprehension was, accordingly, used, and the danger of confusing it with the translation of “Auffassung” was for the most part avoided by using other equivalents for the latter.

The thanks of the translator are due to the author for his courtesy throughout the progress of the work. Mr. G. H. Stempel has kindly aided in the task of preparing the proof-sheets for the press.

Middletown, September, 1896.

C. H. J.