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Scientific Works published by Longmans, Green, & Co. 19 WORKSHOP APPLIANCES, ETC. NORTHCOTT. LATHES AND TURNING, Simple, Mechanical and Ornamental. By W. H. NORTHCOTT. With 338 Illustrations. 8vo. , i&s. PARR. MACHINE TOOLS AND WORKSHOP PRACTICE FOR ENGINEERING STUDENTS AND APPRENTICES. By ALFRED PARR, Instructor in Fitting and Machine Shop and Forge, University College, Nottingham. With an Introduction by WILLIAM ROBINSON, M.E. , M.Inst.C. E. With 462 Illustrations. 8vo. , IDS. 6d. SHELLE K WORKSHOP APPLIANCES, including Descriptions of some of the Gauging and Measuring Instruments, Hand-cutting Tools, Lathes, Drilling, Planeing, and other Machine Tools used by Engineers. By C. P. B. SHELLEY, M.I.C.E. With an additional Chapter on Milling by R. R. LISTER. With 323 Illus- trations. Fcp. 8vo. , 5-r. MACHINE DRAWING AND DESIGN. DUNKERLEY. MECHANISM. By S. DUNKERLEY, M.Sc., Assoc. M.Inst.C. E. , M.Inst.C.E., Professor of Applied Mechanics in the Royal Naval College, Greenwich. With numerous Diagrams. 8vo. , gs. net. LONGMANS' LIST OF APPARATUS FOR USE IN GEOMETRY, ETC. i. LONGMANS' ENGLISH AND METRIC RULER. Marked on one edge in Inches, Eighths, Tenths and Five-fifths. Marked on the other edge in Centimetres. Price id. net. LOWS IMPROVED SET SQUARES. Designs A & B. 45 to 60 B i 60 4" each i/- net. i/3 2/- LOWS'~IM PROVED" PROTRACTORS (Celluloid). "Protractor' No. z. 3" radius, marked in degrees, 6d. net. Protractor No. 3. 4" radius, marked in ^-degrees, gd. net. 4. LOW'S ADJUSTABLE PROTRACTOR SET SQUARE, zs. 6d. net. 5. LONGMANS' BLACKBOARD ENGLISH AND METRIC RULE. One Metre; marked in decimetres, centimetres, inches, half-inches and quarter-inches. 2s. 6d. %* A Detailed and Illustrated Prospectus will be sent on application. jv s> nvirKuvjtLiJ siii ayuAKiis. uesigns A <x ts. 45^1000. A i 45 4" ^ f B i 45 4" each i/- net. A i 60 4" } ( B i 60 4' A 2 45 6" J-or{ B 2 45 6" ,, 1/3 ,, A 2 60 6" VorJ B 2 60 6' A 3 45 6fc" j IB 3 45 8fc" 2/- A 3 60 8%') [B 3 60 8J . Works by DAVID ALLAN LOW, Professor of Engineering, East London Technical College (People's Palace). AN INTRODUCTION TO MACHINE DRAWING AND DESIGN. With 153 Illustrations and Diagrams. Crown 8vo., 2s. 6d. THE DIAGRAM MEASURER. An Instrument for measuring the Areas of Irregular Figures and specially useful for determining the Mean Effective Pressure from Indicator Diagrams from Steam, Gas and other Engines. Designed by D. A. Low. With Full Instructions for Use. is. net. LOW AND BEV1S.K MANUAL OF MACHINE DRAWING AND DESIGN. By DAVID ALLAN Low and ALFRED WILLIAM BEVIS, M.I.Mech.E. With 700 Illustrations. 8vo. , js. 6d. tfAWTTV: THE ELEMENTS OF MACHINE DESIGN. By W. CAWTHORNE UN WIN, F.R.S. Part I. General Principles, Fastenings, and Transmissive Machinery. With 345 Diagrams, etc. Fcp. 8vo., js. 6d. Part II. Chiefly on Engine Details. With 259 Illustrations. Fcp. 8vo. . 6s.