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^4 BATTLE OF WATERLOO. low of the Prusian army was nearly 7000 more. At sact a feai^- •fal price was the deliTevance of Europe purchased On closing our survey of this, the last of the DeeisiTe Bitttles of the World, it is pleasing to contrast the- year' which it signal* ized with Ihe one that is now passing oyer onr heads. We hanm* not (and long may we want) the stem excitement of the struggles of war, and we see no captive standards, of our European neigh- bors brought in triumph to our shrines. But we witness an in- finitely prouder spectacle. We see the banners of every civilized nation waving over the arena of our competition with each other" in the arts that minister to our race's support and happiness, and not to its snfiering and destruction. " Peace hath her victories No less renowned than War ;** and no battle-field ever witnessed a victory more noble than that which England, under her sovereign lady and her royal prince, is now teaching the peoples of the earth to achieve over selfish prejudices and international feuds, in the great cause of the gen- eral promotion of the industry and welfare of mankind. THE END. Digitized by Google