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Births shall be given in evidence to prove the Birth of any Child, wherein it shall appear that Six calendar Months have intervened between the day of the Birth and the day of the Registration of the Birth of such Child; and every Person who shall knowingly register, or cause to be registered, the Birth of any Child, after the expiration of Six calendar Months following the clay of the Birth of such Child, shall forfeit and pay for every such offence a sum not exceeding Fifty Pounds.

Baptismal Name, if different from that in Register, may be added.
And be it Enacted, That if any child born in England, whose Birth shall have been registered as aforesaid, shall have any Name subsequently given to it in Baptism, by which it shall not have been so registered, the parent or guardian of such child, or other Person procuring such unregistered Name to be given, is hereby required within Seven Days next after such Baptism, to procure and deliver to the Registrar or Superintendent Registrar in whose custody the register of the Birth of the child may then happen to be, a Certificate, according to the Form of Schedule (G.) to this Act annexed, signed by the Minister who shall have performed the rite of Baptism, which Certificate such Minister is hereby required to deliver immediately after the baptism, whenever the same shall be then demanded, on payment of the fee of One Shilling, which he shall be therefore entitled to receive, and the said Registrar or Superintendent Registrar, upon receipt of such Certificate, and on payment of the fee of One Shilling, which he shall be therefore entitled to receive, shall without any erasure of the original Entry forthwith register therein that the child was baptized by such name and the Registrar shall thereupon certify upon the said Certificate the additional Entry so made, and shall forthwith send the said Certificate through the Post-office to the Registrar-General; and every Person who shall knowingly cause or procure any Name to be given in baptism to any registered child by which it shall not have been registered, and who shall not within Seven Days as aforesaid procure and deliver such Certificate, shall forfeit and pay a sum not exceeding Five Pounds for every such offence.

Next of Kin or other Person present at death, or Occupier of House, required to give particulars of death, so far as known.
And be it Enacted, That the Next of Kin, or other Person present with or attending in his or her last illness, every Person dying in England after the said Thirty-first day of December, o. in case of the death, illness, inability or default of all such Persons, the Occupier of the House or Tenement in which such death shall have happened shall, within Eight Days next after the day of such death, give 'information, upon being requested so to do, to the said Registrar, according to the best of his or her knowledge and belief, of the several particulars hereby required to be known and registered touching the death of such Person: Provided always, Registrar to make entry of finding of Jury upon Coroners' Inquests.That in every case in which an Inquest shall be held on any dead Body, the Jury shall inquire of the particulars herein requiered