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Marriages may be celebrated before the Superintendent Registrar, but not by License
And be it Enacted, That any persons who shall object to marry under the provisions of this Act in any such registered building, may contract and celebrate Marriage at the office and in the presence of the Superintendent Registrar of the District, and in the presence of the Registrar and Two Witnesses, with open doors, and between the hours aforesaid, using the term of words hereinbefore provided, in the case of Marriage in any such registered building: Provided always, That no such Marriage before the Superintendent Registrar shall be by License, and for every such Marriage the Superintendent Registrar shall be entitled to have a fee of Ten Shillings.

Registrar to register all Marriages solemnized before them; Marriage Register Books to be sent to the Superintendent Registrar, and a certified Copy to the Registrar General.
And be it Enacted, That the Registrar shall forthwith register every Marriage celebrated in manner aforesaid in his presence, in a Marriage Register Book to be furnished to him for that purpose by the Registrar General, according to the form provided for the Registration of Marriages by an Act made in this present Session of Parliament, intituled; "An Act for registering Births, Deaths and Marriages in England," or as near thereunto as may be; and every entry of such Marriage shall be signed by the Minister or other person by or before whom the Marriage was celebrated, and by the Registrar, and also by the parties married, and attested by such two witnesses; and all such Marriage Register Books, and certified copies thereof, shall be sent to the Superintendent Registrar, and dealt with in ail respects as Registers of Births and Deaths under the provisions of the said Act for registering Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Proof of Notice and Certificate, and of residence of parties not necessary to establish the Marriage.
And be it Enacted; That after the celebration of any Marriage under this Act, it shall not be necessary, in support of such Marriage, to give any proof of the actual dwelling of the parties, previous to the Marriage, within the district wherein such Marriage was celebrated, for the time required by this Act, nor shall any evidence be given to prove the contrary in any suit touching the validity of such Marriage.

Marriages under this Act to be cognizable as Marriages of the Church of England.
And be it Enacted, That every Marriage celebrated under this Act shall be cognizable in like manner as Marriages celebrated before the passing of this Act, according to the rites of the Church of England.

Penalty on Persons married refusing to answer questions.
And be it Enacted, That it shall be lawful for the Registrar before whom any Marriage is celebrated according to the provisions of this Act, to ask of the parties married the several particulars required to be registered touching such Marriage, and every such person who shall refuse, or without reasonable cause neglect to answer according to the best of his or her belief, shall forfeit and pay a sum not exceeding Fifty Pounds.

Persons making false Oaths, &c guilty of Perjury.
And be it Enacted, That every person who shall wilfully make any false oath or declaration, or who shall knowingly sign any false Certificate required by this Act, for the purpose of procuring any Marriage, shall be deemed guilty of perjury, and punished accordingly.