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protection. My mind was wholly upon her, I forgot all about the sermon. Her embarrassment took stronger and stronger

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hold upon her; she got to snapping the lid of her smelling bottle,—it made a loud sharp sound, but in her trouble she snapped and snapped away, unconscious of what she was doing. The last extremity was reached when the collection-plate began its rounds; the moderate people threw in pennies, the nobles and the rich contributed silver, but she laid a twenty-mark gold piece upon the book-rest before her with a sounding slap! I said to myself, "She has parted with all her little hoard to buy the consideration of these unpitying people,—it is a sorrowful spectacle." I did not venture to look around this time; but as the service closed, I said to myself, "Let them laugh, it is their opportunity; but at the door of this church they shall see her step into our fine carnage with us, and our gaudy coachman shall drive her home." Then she rose,—and all the congregation stood while she