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VOLUME X, 1898-99. 500 pp. Price, $3.00 ; bound, $3.50. I Sympathetic Strikes and Sympathetic Lockouts. By Fred S. Hall, Ph.D. Price, $1.00 . Rhode Island and the Formation of the Union. By Frank Greene Bates, Ph.D. Price, $1.50. Vol. X, no. 2, may also be obtained bound. Price, I2.00. . Centralized Administration of Liquor Laws in the American Common- wealths By Clement Moore Lacey Sites, Ph.D. Price, $ VOLUME XI, 1899. 495 pp. Price, $3.50; bound, $4.00. The Growth of Cities. By Adna Ferrin Weber, Ph.D VOLUME XII, 1899-1900. 586 pp. Price, $3.50; bound, $4.00. . History and Functions of Central Labor Unions. By William Maxwell Burke, Ph. D. Price, $1.00, . Colonial Immigration Laws. By Edward Emberson Proper, A.M. Price, 75c. . History of Military Pension Legislation in the United States. By William Henry Glasson, Ph.D. Price, $1.00. . History of the Theory of Sovereignty since Rousseau. By Charles E. Merriam, Jr., Ph.D Price, $1.50. VOLUME XIII, 1901. 570 pp. Price, $3.50 ; bound, $4.00. I. The Legal Property Relations of Married Parties. « By Isidor Loeb, Ph.D. Price, $1.50 , Political Nativism in New York State. By Louis Dow Scisco, Ph. D. Price, $2.00. , The Reconstruction of Georgia. By Edwin C. Woolley, Ph.D. Price, $1.00.