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Problem: A Study in Statistics,’ ‘ Social Sta1901 ; author of ‘ Notes to Ordnance Survey tistics of the United States,’ etc. (W. P. W.) of Jerusalem,’ ‘ Notes to Ordnance Survey of Sinai’ (part), ‘Picturesque Palestine’ (JeruWILLEY, A., D.Sc. (A. W*.) salem vol.), ‘ From Korti to Khartum,’ ‘ Life of WILLIAMS, Aneurin; author of ‘Relation Lord Clive,’ Murray’s Handbooks to ‘Constantiof Co-operative Movements to National and nople’ and ‘Asia Minor.’ (c. W. W.) International Commerce,’ etc. (A. Wi*.) Mi7ILSON, Vf. J.; of the Canadian Geological WILLIAMS, E. II., M.D.; formerly Associate Survey. (W- j W ) Professor.of Pathology, State University of Iowa ; and Assistant Physician at the Hospital WINTER, Miss E. G.; contributor to ‘The Times’ Gazetteer. (E. G. W.) for the Insane, Matteawan, N;Y., and at the Manhattan State Hospital, N.Y. (E. H. W.) WOLCOTT, Hon. Roger, the late ; Governor WILLIAMS, Sir E. Leader j consulting of Massachusetts, 1897-99. (R. Wo.) engineer Manchester Ship Canal; engaged as WOLF, Lucien; sub-editor and leader-writer, engineer since 1846 on the works of the Great ‘Jewish World,’ 1874-93; staff of ‘Daily Northern Railway, Shoreham and Dover HarGraphic ’; London correspondent, ‘ Le Journal,’ bours, River Weaver and Bridgwater Canal Paris ; Fellow of Inst, of Journalists; first PreNavigations ; chief engineer of the Manchester sident and now Vice-President of Jewish HisShip Canal during its construction; Member of torical Society of England; author of ‘ Sir Moses Council of Institution of Civil Engineers; author Montefiore’; joint-editor with Joseph Jacobs of papers printed in ‘ Proceedings of Institution of ‘Bibliotheca Anglo-Judaica’; ‘MenassehB. of Civil Engineers.’ (E. L. W.) Israel’s Mission to Oliver Cromwell’; many essays on foreign and colonial politics in ‘ FortWILLIAMS, Henry Smith, M.D., B.Sc. ; former lecturer in the Hartford School of Socionightly Review,’ ‘Nineteenth Century,’ and other magazines. (L. W.) logy)theU.S.A. of forthcoming of World’; editor in 25 volumes; author‘History of ‘The Rt. Hon. Sir Henry DrumStory of Nineteenth Century Science,’ ‘The WOLFF, mond, G.C.B., G.C.M.G. ; AmbassadorHistory of the Art of Writing,’ ‘ The Lesson of Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary at Madrid, Heredity,’ etc. (H. S. W*.) 1892-1900; author of a ‘Life of Napoleon at WILLIAMS, R. Vaughan, B.A. ; Mus. Elba’; ‘Memnon Letters on the Suez Canal,’ Doc., Trinity College, Cambridge. (R.. V. W.) ‘ Some Notes of the Past.’ (H. D. W.) WILLIAMS, Talcott j editor of the ‘Phila- WOOD, General Sir Evelyn, G.C.B., delphia Press.’ (T. W*.) G.C.M.G., V.C.; commanding 2yd Army Corps ; entered Navy, 1852; served in ■ Crimea with WILLSON, Beckles; staff-of ‘Boston Globe,’ Naval Brigade, 1 Oct. 1854 to 18 June 1855 ; U.S.A., 1887; correspondent in Cuba, 1888; Knight of Legion of Honour, Medjidieh, editor, ‘ Press of Atlanta,’ Georgia, 1889 ; staff of Turkish medal; Ashanteo, Kaffir, Zulu, and ‘ New York Herald,’ 1890; staff of ‘ London Daily Transvaal Wars, 1879-81; commanded Chatham Mail,’ 1896-98 ; author of ‘ Harold r an ExperiDistrict, 1882-83; 2nd Brigade (2nd Division) ment,’ 1891, ‘ Drift,’ 1893, ‘ The Tenth Island,’ Expedition to Egypt, 1882; raised the Egyptian 1897, ‘The Great Company,’ 1899. (B. W) Army, 1883 ; served in Nile Expedition, 1894-95; WILSON, Maj.-Gen. Sir Charles commanded Eastern District, 1886-88; Aldershot William, R.E., K.C.B., K.C.M.G., D.C.L., Division, 1889-93; Quartermaster-Gen. to the LL.D., F.R.S. ; secretary to North American Forces, 1893-97; Adjutant-General to Forces, Boundary Commission, 1858-62; surveys of 1897-1901 ; author of ‘ The Crimea in 1854-94,’ Jerusalem and Palestine, 1864-66; Ordnance ‘Cavalry at Waterloo,’ ‘Achievements of Survey of Scotland, 1866-68; survey of Sinai, Cavalry.’Topographical Department (E. Wo.) 186869 ; director George Edward, A.B.; W.O., and A.Q.M.G. Intelligence Department, WOODBERRY, ProfessorSurvey of English Literature, Columbia Uni186976; Ordnance of ;Ireland, 1876-78

versity, New York author of ‘ The North Shore Royal Commission on Registration of Deeds and Watch,’ ‘Life of E. A. Poe,’ ‘Heart of Man,’ Insurances in Ireland, 1878; British Commis‘Studies in Letters and Life,’ ‘Makers of sioner Servian Boundary Commission, 1878-79 ; Literature,’ etc. (G. E. W.) Consul-Gen. Anatolia, 1879-82; special mission to Eastern Rumelia, 1880; and to Consulates German Sims, M.A. M.D. in Asiatic Turkey, 1881; special service in Egypt WOODHEAD, Edin., F.R.C.P.Ed., F.R.S.Ed.

Fellow of and attached to Lord Dufferin’s mission, 1882Trinity Hall, Cambridge; Prof, of Pathology, 1883 ; D.A.G. (Intelligence Department) Nile Cambridge Univ., since 1899 ; formerly Director Expedition, 1884-85 ; Ordnance Survey of Ireof the Laboratories of the Conjoint Board of land, 1885-86 ; Director-Gen. Ordnance Survey, the Royal Colleges of Physicians (London) and 1886-94 ; Director-Gen. of Military Education, Surgeons (England); President Royal Medical 1895-98 ; president Geographical Section British Society; acted as Assistant Commissioner to Association, Belfast, 1874 ; Bath, 1888 ; Vicethe Royal Commission on Tuberculosis, 1892-95 ; President Royal Geographical Society, 1897Surgeon-Capt. Volunteer Medical Staff Corps;

author of ‘Practical Pathology,’ ‘Pathological , Mycology ’ (with Arthur W. Hare, M.B.), ‘ Bacteria and their Products,’ ‘ Report to the Royal Commission on Tuberculosis,’ ‘ Report on Diphtheria ’ to the Metropolitan Asylums Board • editor of the ‘Journal of Pathology and Bacteriology.’ (G. S. W.) WOODWARD, Arthur Smith, F.R.S., Hon. LL.D. (Glasgow); Asst. Keeper of Geology, British Museum; author of ‘ Cat. of Fossil Fishes in the British Museum,’ ‘Outlines of Vertebrate Palaeontology,’ etc. (A. S. Wo.) 'WOOLSEY, Theo. S., LL.D.; Professor of International Law, Yale University; editor of ‘ Woolsey’s International Law’ (6th ed.), and of ‘Pomeroy’s International Law’; author of ‘America’s Foreign Policy.’ (T. S. W.) 'WORCESTER, Dean Conant; Assistant Professor of Zoology, University of Michigan ; Member of the First and Second' U.S. Philippines Commission ; author of ‘ The Philippine Islands and their People.’ (D. 0. W.) WRIGHT, Hon. Carroll Davidson; U.S. Commissioner of Labour; author of ‘ Factory System of the United States,’ ‘ Strikes and Lockouts,’ ‘Cost of Production of Iron, Steel, etc.,’ ‘Industrial Evolution of the United States,’ ‘ Outline of Practical Sociology,’ etc. (0. D. W.) W'RIGHT, Charles Theodore Hagberg, B.A., LL.D.; Secretary and Librarian, London Library ; Assistant Librarian, National Library of Ireland, 1890-93. (0. T. H. W.) WRIGHT, Lewis; author of ‘The Book of Poultry,’ ‘The Practical Poultry Keeper,’ ‘The Poultry Club Standards ’; editor of ‘ Fulton’s Book of Pigeons,’ etc. (L. Wn.) WYATT, J. W., A.M.I.C.E.; Fellow Roy. Indian Engineering Coll., Cooper’s Hill; author of ‘ The Art of Making Paper,’ etc. (J. W. W.) Y YOUNG, Alexander Bell Filson; assistant editor of the ‘ Pilot ’ since 1901; special war correspondent of the ‘Manchester Guardian,’ S.A.; author of various songs and instrumental works ‘The Relief of Mafeking,’ ‘Five Lyrics,’ ‘ A Volunteer Brigade,’ ‘ Mastersingers,’ etc. (A. B. F. Y.) YOUNG, Rev. William; for many years Minister at the English Presbyterian Church, Kersal, Manchester; Joint Secretary of the Religious Tract Society. (W. Y.) z ZIMMERN, Miss Alice; author of ‘The Renaissance of Girls,’ ‘ Education in England ’ ‘Methods of Education,’ etc. (A. Z.)