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Red Cloth.Crown 8vo.

Christian Science. Illustrated. $1.75
The American Claimant, Etc. 1.75
A Connecticut Yankee. Illustrated. 1.75
Huckleberry Finn. Illustrated. 1.75
Prince and Pauper. Illustrated. 1.75
Life on the Mississippi. Illustrated. 1.75
The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg Etc. Illustrated. 1.75
Tom Sawyer Abroad, Etc. Illustrated. 1.75
Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Illustrated. 1.75
Pudd'nhead Wilson. Illustrated. 1.75
Sketches New and Old. Illustrated. 1.75
The $30,000 Bequest, Etc. Illustrated. 1.75
Innocents Abroad. Illustrated. 2.00
Roughing It. Illustrated. 2.00
A Tramp Abroad. Illustrated. 2.00
The Gilded Age. Illustrated. 2.00
Following the Equator. Illustrated. 2.00
Joan of Arc. Illustrated. 2.50
In Half Leather, $1.25 per volume extra
Other Books by Mark Twain
A Horse's Tale. Illustrated. $1.00
Extracts from Adam's Diary. Illustrated. 1.00
Eve's Diary. Illustrated. 1.00
A Dog's Tale. Illustrated. 1.00
The Jumping Frog. Illustrated. 1.00
How to Tell a Story, Etc. 1.50
A Double-barrelled Detective Story. Illustrated. 1.50

Copyright, 1909, by Mark Twain Company.

All rights reserved.

Published April, 1909.