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The attendances at meetings held by The Brisbane Trotting Club at Coorparoo, during 1928, averaged about one hundred and seventy.

Registered and Unregisted Racing.

Registered racing, as we found it in the area, is conducted by clubs formed by the association of persons imbued with love of the sport. It is carried on almost entirely during the leisure hours of the community. The racing is controlled, at all stages, in accordance with rules approved by the leading Australian race clubs, by men of standing. The meetings are attended, to a a very considerable extent, by a public, of both sexes, in search of recreation and not primarily with a view to gain.

On the other hand, Unregistered racing in and around Brisbane is conducted almost entirely by a few monopolists as a money-making concern. It is carried on during the working week. The personnel in control is not of the same standing as that in charge of Registered racing. The racing itself is of an inferior character. It caters for horses of a generally inferior standard. The prize money offered is frequently, indeed generally, insignificant. The races are run over short distances, and constitute no test of stamina. Its patrons are drawn from a strictly limited section of the community, almost exclusively male, who attend the meetings in the hope of gain.

It is these substantial differences that have necessitated the separate treatment of Registered and Unregistered racing.



(a) The Brisbane Racecourse (Eagle Farm).
(b) The Sandgate Racecourse (Deagon).
(c) The Bundamba Racecourse (Bundamba).
(d) The Albion Park Racecourse (Albion Park).

(a) The Brisbane Racecourse (Eagle Farm).

Land Tenure
In 1863 certain lands were granted to trustees upon trust "for the appropriation thereof as a site for a racecourse and for no other purpose whatsoever." These lands, which were granted under the provisions of "The Alienation of Crown Lands Act of 1860," by deed of grant No. 6537, contained an area of about 320 acres, and were situated in the Parish of Toombul.

By "The Brisbane Racecourse Acts, 1875-1880," the trustees were empowered, with the approval of the Governor in Council, to sell or mortgage about 189 acres of the lands, subject to certain provisions as to the disposal of moneys so obtained. They were further empowered to grant leases not exceeding five years or, with the approval of the Governor in Council, not exceeding twenty-one years, of the lands or any part thereof. Full provision was also made for the application to racing purposes of moneys raised by the exercise of these powers.

By a series of transactions, not necessary to be set out, the greater portion of such 189 acres has been sold. The balance of the lands still subject to the trust comprises an area of about 133 acres 1 rood 64 perches, which is now under "The Real Property Acts," and is the land comprised in certificates of title Nos. 313933, 313934, 313935, and 313936.