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Elections of committeemen are by postal ballot of the members.

The management and control of the club is in the hands of the committee.

Disposal of Revenue
The moneys received by the club from all sources have been applied in payment of necessary upkeep of the club, in prize money, in taxation, and the reduction of loans raised for the building of its present premises.

Books of Account
Proper books of account are kept and correctly disclose the manner in which and the purposes for which all moneys of the club are expended, applied, disposed of, or used.

C—Prize Money.

The following table contains a comparative statement of the total receipts from all sources of and of the amounts distributed in prize money by The Queensland Turf Club and The Brisbane Amateur Turf Club during the last six years:—

Period. Q.T.C. B.A.T.C.
Receipts. Prize Money. % Prize Money
to Receipts.
Receipts. Prize Money. % Prize Money
to Receipts.
  £ £ £ £
1923-24 114,060 63,960 55.8 100,285 30,460 30.3
1924-25 118,182 65,357 55.3 92,524 40,631 43.9
1925-26 125,263 67,968 54.3 *103,439 *47,423 *45.8
1926-27 122,224 73,325 59.1 91.660 41,310 45.0
1927-28 114,983 71,510 62.1 89,079 43,610 48.9
1928-29 112,800 69,070 61.2 85,221 41,910 49.1
  707,512 409,920 57.9 562,199 245,344 43.6
* B.A.T.C. 14 months.

This table shows that whereas The Queensland Turf Club distributed in prize money over this period 57.9 per cent, of its total income, The Brisbane Amateur Turf Club distributed only 43.6 per cent.

During the same period, The Queensland Turf Club expended £54,883 on improvements, representing 7.7 per cent, of total receipts, while The Brisbane Amateur Turf Club expended £6,973, representing 1.2 per cent, of total receipts.

The payments made by the latter club to its vendors, which represented 28 per cent, of its total receipts, account for its inability to expend a larger proportion of its income on prize money and improvements.

D—Race Meetings.

Number of Meetings.
In 1929, registered race meetings were confined, as already stated, to Saturdays, certain holidays, and two week-days.

All racing dates are allotted, under the Australian Rules of Racing, by The Queensland Turf Club, as principal club.