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In reaching this conclusion, the Commission has not been unmindful that the result of such an allocation might be to imperil the continued existence of The Brisbane Amateur Turf Club.

H—Proprietary Racing.

Ever since 1915 it has been the definite policy of The Queensland Turf Club not to grant registration to proprietary interests.

In that year this policy was definitely adopted by the committee, and on appeal, by a general meeting following that decision, and again by a large majority, on a special ballot of the members.

This policy is based on firm grounds. The clubs engaged in registered racing consist of members associated together to promote the sport in the community's leisure hours. No public interest would be served by the addition of proprietary concerns. On the contrary, the intrusion of a business element, in competition with bona fide sporting bodies, would tend to the public disadvantage, by diverting to private uses moneys which, in the hands of clubs, would remain available for racing purposes.

The Commission therefore considers that if legislation dealing with racing is to be introduced, one of its provisions should prohibit the holding of race meetings on Saturdays or holidays in the area covered by this inquiry except by bona fide clubs registered by The Queensland Turf Club, as the governing body of the organised racing community.

J—Admission of New Clubs.

An almost unanimous body of evidence was offered in favour of the opening of a new grass course.

It was generally agreed that no such new course should be of less than one mile in circumference, such a circuit being required to give scope for the formation of suitable straights and easy turns.

The Commission considers that no new course should be opened for registered racing unless owned at law or in equity, or, in the case of land the property of the Crown or set aside on trust for racing purposes, leased, and, in either case, controlled by a club possessing such a constitution and membership as to ensure its bona fides and a reasonable chance of successful activity.

Some such restriction is needed to obviate, a recurrence of the dissatisfaction and distrust so long felt in regard to the purchase and operation of Albion Park, and to prevent the intrusion, under the guise of a club, of proprietary interests.

In dealing with any application for the registration of a new club, the Commission is of opinion that, amongst other relevant considerations, special attention should be directed by The Queensland Turf Club to its proposed constitution, its membership, its financial status, the nature of any, obligations incurred by it under any outstanding contract, its ability to fulfil such obligations, and the site, suitability, and general characteristics of the course on which it proposes to race.

Only one piece of land suitable for a new grass course was brought to the notice of the Commission.

This is known as Doomben and comprises 136 acres 3 roods 15.8 perches near Doomben Railway Station and close to Eagle Farm. It is well adapted and has-been partly prepared for racing.