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Although it lies at a distance of about eleven miles from the General Post Office, it is now by reason of road improvement and the development of motor traffic, much more accessible than in 1922.

While Deagon is not so well adapted for racing and not so accessible and probably not so attractive to the public as Doomben, its reopening would still furnish a good grass course.

The objection formerly arising from the difficulty in transporting the horses no longer holds good, and the public would probably now resort thereto in sufficient numbers to ensure financial success.

The course was closed in 1922 by Messrs. Nathan and Wren, the then owners, allegedly in response to a request by owners and trainers to transfer the meetings to Albion Park, as a more convenient centre for them. The real reason probably was a recognition by Nathan and Wren that an increase in meetings at Albion Park by the number theretofore assigned to Deagon, would considerably augment their own profits. A similar reason, no doubt, still actuates The Brisbane Amateur Turf Club in keeping Deagon closed and holding all its meetings at Albion Park.

It is therefore improbable that The Brisbane Amateur Turf Club will voluntarily reopen Deagon for registered racing. Its reopening could be secured only by parliamentary intervention.

A resumption of this course would involve no very considerable outlay:



(a) Kedron Park
(b) Coorparoo
(c) Goodna
(d) Strathpine

(a) Kedron Park.

This course, which comprises 32 acres 3 roods 29-5 perches, is the land described in certificate of title No. 265091, volume 1484, folio 81.

It now stands in the name of Mr. Frederick Thomas, of Melbourne, free of encumbrance.

Mr. Thomas holds in trust for Messrs. Nathan and Wren.

The land was acquired by James B. Sharpe, already mentioned, prior to June, 1912, and was prepared and used by him as a racecourse.

In June, 1912, Sharpe sold the land and his racing business, which included a business at Woolloongabba, to Messrs. Nathan and Wren for £18,000, paid as to £6,000 in cash and as to £12,000 by the giving of a mortgage over the land, together with another small portion, to Sharpe. The transfer was taken in the name of Thomas. The mortgage was released in November, 1912.

The land so bought comprised an area of 34 acres 0 roods 10 perches. The difference between this area and the present 32 acres 3 roods 29.5 perches is accounted for by a dedication, made in February, 1921, of 1 acre roods 20.5 perches for road purposes.

By an Agreement, dated 24th August, 1923, between Messrs. Nathan and Wren as vendors and Thomas W. Bouchard and George Rees as trustees of Kedron Amateur Racing Club as purchasers, the land was agreed to be sold to