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Throughout 1964, the cult paper regularly printed articles concerning hypocrites. A hypocrite, as defined by Elijah, is "one who first says he believes, then disbelieves, and seeks to oppose the Messenger and those who believe in him." During the first half of the year, Elijah's venomous condemnations were aimed at Malcolm X as the "chief hypocrite," and after 
broke away from the cult in June, 1964, they too were denounced as hypocrites.

During June, the Chicago press was reporting on seven admitted dissident members of the Chicago NOI temple who complained that each one of them had been threatened with bodily harm by the Muslim goon squad. One of them already had been beaten by two FOI lieutenants. Other news-
papers reported similar beatings administered to dissident members in both Philadelphia and New York.

Elijah grew concerned over the publicity regarding an increasing number of hypocrites. He called an emergency meeting of ministers and captains at Chicago on August 19, 1964. From many temples, they slipped secretly into Chicago to hear Elijah discuss how the problem of defectors, dissidents, and hypocrites should be met.

In Boston, just three days after this conference, a dissident member and his wife were beaten by FOI guards outside the Muslim temple. The day after that, two dissident male members were badly beaten by nearly a dozen

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