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while still claiming active NOI membership, he was arrested again, this time by New York City police, and charged with assault and battery, two narcotics violations, impersonating an officer, auto theft, possession of burglary tools, and concealing a dangerous weapon. He received con-current sentences of five to ten years on two counts of attempted robbery.

D. FBI Investigations

During investigations of NOI members coming within the purview of FBI jurisdiction, information has been developed showing how NOI literature and speakers have fostered the impression that violation of United States laws is cause for suspension or expulsion from the NOI. The facts, however, refute this law-abiding pose.

Primarily, NOI members in conflict with Federal statutes are involved in alleged violations of the Selective Service Act. Among NOI leaders found guilty and sentenced to prison in the past for such violations are Elijah Muhammad himself,  b6
In addition, numerous members have been investigated for similar violations.

NOI ministers give members confusing and contradictory instructions concerning Selective Service laws. The leaders remind NOI members that their allegiance is to the Muslim flag. They say that they cannot order members not to go to war, but that members should use their heads and decide for

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