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On two occasions in 1963, however, he failed to report for induction. His request for deferment to attend school was turned down. His case was transferred back to the South Carolina draft board in late 1963, and he was again classified 1-A. When he neglected to report for induction in early 1964, he was arrested by FBI Agents in New Jersey and refused to give a signed statement concerning his failure to report for induction. He informed a United States commissioner that he was an NOI member and would not submit to induction into the armed services for either combatant or noncombatant duty, because of his religious beliefs.

A Federal grand jury in South Carolina indicted the NOI member for violation of the Selective Service Act, but he consented to stand trial in New Jersey. On pleading guilty, he was given a two-year sentence.

Several years ago,  
of the NOI, enunciated a policy governing NOI contacts with the FBI. He warned members not to sign any papers if requested by the FBI and to report immediately to NOI leaders if interviewed by FBI Agents.

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