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excitement. Suddenly he will electrify them with a tirade against the "white devils," the Government, or nonbelieving "so-called Negroes."

From every speaker's rostrum on which he appears before the public, Elijah practices brinkmanship tactics to the frenzied delight of his audience, some of whom frequently answer his veiled accusations with, "That's right" or "Praise Allah." They "get the message" even as he carefully refrains from specific language which could cause him to be arrested for "incitement" or "advocacy."

Financially and materially, Elijah has done well for himself as the "Messenger of Allah." With b6
# # # # # # # and at times some of his eight children, Elijah resided for many years in a 19-room, elaborately furnished home in Chicago. Besides this $75,000 residence, he owns also other properties in Chicago and elsewhere. In Chicago, an apartment building and a group of other buildings owned by Elijah are valued at more than $200,000.

In 1961, claiming his continued asthmatic attacks made it necessary for him to leave Chicago, Elijah purchased a $24,000 swimming-pool-equipped residence in Phoenix, Arizona. He had this house completely remodelled and moved there in October, while his wife continued to maintain the home in Chicago. Wanting more pretentious surroundings in Phoenix, Elijah had a new 12-room residence built on adjoining property, into which he moved in

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