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at the cult's Chicago clothing store; at prices usually higher than at other stores. In all its activities, the MGT is under the same strict discipline from its superior officer as is the FOI. And, like the FOI, it has a junior MGT of girls under the age of 16.

G. Schools

Two schools are presently being operated for NOI children, the University of Islam No. 1, in Detroit, and the University of Islam No. 2, in Chicago. Actually, neither is a university. The one in Detroit is attended by about 125 students in grades one through nine, and the one in Chicago has about 500 students and includes high school subjects. Few stay to graduate. The University of Islam No. 2 graduated in February, 1964, only four from high school and seventeen from the eighth grade.

 of the Chicago school, said in a recent issue of "Muhammad Speaks" that the purpose of the NOI schools is, besides teaching the regular academic subjects, educating "the children of Muslims in the knowledge of self, through the history of black men from ancient times to the present." She described how the schools turn their boys and girls "into self-respecting, intelligent, well-mannered, disciplined citizens."

While this seems commendable, those inside the movement know the real purpose is to indoctrinate the students with Elijah's teaching while keeping