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A. Sources of Income

"The prime source of funds for national obligations come from the Muslims' charity,  frequently reminds the members in letters to the NOI temples throughout the country. "Muslims' charity" certainly begins at home, for soliciting cult funds, demands that members "should forget their rent, bills, wives and children, as when the Nation needs money you must give." Charity actually implies need, and benevolence and good will to the poor and suffering. But, if "Muslim charity" reaches the poor and needy, Elijah Muhammad must exercise the benevolence, for he controls all the resources of the cult and cannot, himself, be said to be suffering from lack of material things.

Other revenue to support "the Nation" is raised by members at bazaars, rallies, and dinners arranged by the various temples, through sales of the cult newspaper, and from the profits of businesses operated by some of the temples.

It is significant that every activity of the NOI is keyed to the raising of money. Those activities which do not produce the desired profit are abandoned and new activities are then stressed.