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A monograph entitled "The Nation of Islam" issued in October, 1960, examined the background, organization, activities, and violent nature of this fanatical, all-Negro cult in the United States which is based on a distorted interpretation of the religious principles of Islam and is motivated by hatred of the white race.

This new monograph has been compiled from both public and confidential sources to furnish additional information on this antiwhite group, which has received a considerable amount of publicity. Trials have occurred involving prisoners who claimed their religious rights were denied them during their incarceration; law enforcement officers have been harassed and assaulted by lawbreakers who claimed to be Black Muslims; and Nation of Islam (NOI) members have engaged in verbal battles, as well as actual altercations, with former cult members.

Even members of leader Elijah Muhammad's own family have condemned him. "Black Muslims," since the assassination in February, 1965, of Malcolm X, who was the dissident number-two leader, has become a familiar term nationwide to many who before had never been aware of the group. His murder has deepened cleavages and multiplied allegations. Resulting publicity created national interest that in part benefits the NOI,