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4. Public Activities--Bazaars and Rallies

Other favorite fund-raising activities of the NOI are rallies and bazaars held by the various temples during the year.

Amid much publicity, bazaars are supposed "to focus public attention on the economic potential of the Negro community by displaying the wares, products, and services of Negro businessmen." Some form of musical entertainment is provided, and the Muslim minister and some Negro celebrity usually appear as speakers. Of course, admission is charged, and refreshments and craftwork are sold.  ,known in the cult as , is a great drawing card for the NOI and has appeared at bazaars in New York, Boston, and other cities.

Individual temples also hold rallies at which Elijah or some other member of the national hierarchy usually delivers the main speech. Busloads of cult members from nearby temples attend these rallies, and visiting ministers precede the main speaker to "warm up" the crowd with praise of Elijah. Collections are taken from those in attendance, and frequently the host temple arranges a dinner where those in attendance may purchase meals following the rally.

The most important public rally of the cult is the annual convention, called the Savior's Day convention of the Muslims. The 1965 convention was a three-day affair held February 26 through 28 in the dingy, 65-year-old