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By the Fall of 1961, Elijah and some of his hierarchy decided they had "made money for several other papers, now we will make some for ourselves." In October, 1961, they hired the "Chicago Defender" to print the first issue of their new paper, "Muhammad Speaks." Soon after, the Muslims bought themselves a rotary press and issued their own paper once a month until July, 1962, when they changed it to a bimonthly. Since February 12, 1965, "Muhammad Speaks" has been issued weekly. The paper first sold at 10 cents per copy, but the price was raised to 15 cents in January, 1962, and to 20 cents in April, 1963.

Over the years, other Negro newspapers have intermittently printed articles on the cult, as well as columns written by Elijah and other cult members. But Elijah's dictatorial attitude and demands have caused considerable trouble. The editors of the Los Angeles "Herald-Dispatch" became disenchanted with Elijah and dropped his column in May, 1963. Only the "New Crusader," a struggling Negro weekly published in Chicago, has been fairly consistent in running Elijah's column. Prior to its NOI association, this small paper, edited by a former waiter, was published under another name and supported leftist doctrines.

"Muhammad Speaks" is a tabloid newspaper published by Muhammad's Mosque No. 2, at 634 East 79th Street, Chicago. Generally 24 to 28 pages in length, this paper is superior to the average Negro paper in layout and

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