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or desire to subscribe to "Muhammad Speaks," or perhaps want to purchase books and other products for sale by NOI shopkeepers.

Regular features of the paper are columns  

  in late 1959, was a young, light-skinned, unmarried Negro girl who became a   to Elijah Muhammad and soon began   forcefully echoes Elijah's teaching that the Negro woman should completely disassociate herself from the customs and practices of the white woman, that the white race is "the real enemy of our people," and that the black people must develop strong "racial pride and solidarity."

What   advocates, however, is not what   practices. Since serving as a   to Elijah, she has taken two vacations, once travelling to Cincinnati in 1960, where she gave birth to a baby girl, and again to Albuquerque in 1964, where she gave birth to a baby boy. This young   who so strongly advocates pride of race, listed on the girl's birth certificate that the baby was white, that she herself was white, and that the alleged father was white.

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