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An editorial in the January 29, 1965, issue of "Muhammad Speaks" reveals the main theme and purpose of Elijah Muhammad's whole publicity program through the years:

"... we cannot get our freedom, justice and dignity from the American government without Divine help. It has been Divinely predicted that God alone would send a Messenger and that messenger is among us."


"... The slave is never able to free himself from the master without a guide. And that guide is the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, born to do just that."

But the "so-called Negro" needs prodding. Elijah's articles conclude with the urgent appeal: "HURRY AND JOIN ONTO YOUR OWN KIND, THE TIME OF THIS WORLD IS NOW AT HAND."

Elijah occasionally has had to change this "time" that he foretells, and once again he is warning in the above-mentioned issue of the paper:

- 68 -