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Who can Fix a living Language?

Man's brain is not stereotype nor his tongue a phonograph.

M. R. Ry., V. Subba Rao Garu, Telugu Pandit in the Presidency College, Madras, says in "A Review of the Modern Telugu Prose" that Telugu was "refined" and "fixed" more than nine hundred years ago while English is still undergoing changes and that it is absurd to recognise changes in Telugu on the ground that other languages which have not been 'refined' and 'fixed' have changed. *In the Pandit's view, Telugu is superior to English and even if the English are not solicitous to keep their old language pure, the Telugus ought not to allow their ancient speech to be "corrupted" in any way. This statement was confirmed by the leaders of the Telugu Academy and supported by ten thousand Telugus who signed a memorial requesting the Government to "discountenance the propoganda of the advocates of revolutionary changes in literary Telugu."

It may edify the orthodox Telugu Pandit and his disciples to know that there were, not only in