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Highland chief and Lowland laird,
Maun gie room to Donald Caird.

Steek the amrie lock the kist,
Else some gear may soon be mist;
Donald Caird finds orra things,
Where Allan Gregor fand the tings;
Dunts o’ kebbue, tails o’ woo,
Whiles a hen, and whiles a sow;
Wabs o’ duds, frae hedge or yard—
'Ware the woody, Donald Caird.

On Donald Caird the doom was stern,
Craig to tether—legs to airn;
But Donald Caird, wi muckle study,
Caught the gift to cheat the woody.
Rings o’ airn and bolts o’ steel,
Fell like ice from han’ an’ heel: —
Watch the sheep in fauld and glen,
Donald Caird s come again.

Donald Caird’s come again;
Donald Caird’s come again;
Dinna let the Shirra ken,
Donald Caird’s come again.


I’ve naething to do but to sit and to spin,

And crack wi' my auld maiden aunty;