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IT has been our good fortune to find the fountain of youth lurking in the out-door pleasures of Skating, Swimming, Rowing, Horseback Riding, Tennis, Base Ball and Cricket. The "grown-up" folk are now engaged in utilizing the discovery made by youth thousands of years ago, that health and happiness depend upon their innocent amusements. College Faculties have realized that the morals of youth as well as success in after life, depend upon the good health engendered by competitive pastimes. The strength of a nation lies in the correct training of the young. "England's great victories on land and sea were won by the men, who when boys wielded a cicket bat, pulled an oar, or kicked the foot ball." America too has had her conflicts, and may have others.

These lines are offered to the youth of this fair land, in the hope that their innocent play may prepare them mentally, physically and morally for whatever battles life may have in store for them. We believe there are many who would gladly learn to play cricket, if the opportunity presented itself. Only the favored few live near established grounds, while the many are unable to find even a book upon the game. The enjoyment of cricket, followed by the good health which it brings, is within