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THE popular demand for perfect ball playing, has developed such marked differences in England and America, that a short comparison between base ball and cricket may be of interest to some readers, and may tend to greater toleration. Here the professional has been brought into undue prominence, because of his recognized skill, while the people ignore the efforts of the amateurs, and cannot be induced to part with their "quarter" to see a "comedy of base ball errors", or witness the efforts of the undisciplined cricketer, to amuse himself at their expense.

In England the superiority of the professional cricketer is quite as marked as that of the professional base ball player, but his skill is employed in his regular business, which consists in teaching the amateurs, who abound in countless numbers. They are called "gentlemen" cricketers, as distinguished from their preceptors, the professionals, and play their National game as well, or perhaps better. The exhibition of base ball professionals in every city of America, has given the youth of this generation, opportunities to learn the game and their magnificent ball playing upon the diamond, is a worthy example for American cricketers, and the popularity of the "National Game" is largely due to the skill