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base ball modifications, but their failure was a forgone conclusion, owing to essential differences in the theories of the two games. If they will reflect a moment, we think they will see that base ball has reached a stage only somewhat beyond single wicket cricket, which gave place to the double wicket game, about the year 1800, but it is so many years behind modern cricket, that the year 1900 is likely to arrive before such changes are made, as will place the different departments of the game in balance. Yet the anomoly of the inferior game producing the best exponents exists in America, and is the production of that antagonism between amateurism and professionalism, which seems to be never ending. The difference though social and educational is enormously enchanced by business reasons, which have done base ball little if any good. Cricketers have kept their game above reproach, and though often taunted because they have imported an English game, it will be admitted even by the admirers of America's "national game" that English cricket has overcome the corruption of the "gambler" and "blackleg," of past generations and become the keystone of English sport, and this result has been brought about by skilful play unaided by tricks upon players or partiality of umpires.

It is our intention to give some hints to those, who seek pleasure and health from cricket pure and simple, for we are most firm in the belief that good fielding, good bowling, and above all good wicket keeping, now almost a lost art in America will popularize cricket.