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specific needs. At the same time providing training and resources for teachers to ensure optimum performance.

Figure 25: Telesecundaria Interface

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OCW OER Search

Finally, there are various search facilities, allowing users to search for relevant HE OER. For example, the Commonwealth of Learning (COL),, provides a Google Custom search, which will initially return all OCW and OER results from the higher-education institutions and OER repositories that have been selected. Once on the results page, users can refine their search further by selecting only OCWs or only OER or only OCWs from certain regions.

Another example of a search facility is Folksemantic: This facility allows users to browse and search over 110,000 OER (although this is not specific to HE resources). The system provides access to, among others, Johns Hopkins, MERLOT and MIT-OCW resources. The developers have also made the code available for others to use.