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love; and the doctrine ought to be held in all the fulness in which it is set forth in Scripture. The history of fanaticism, and the following extracts, however, too fully prove, that under the profession of honouring the Spirit, a specious but false doctrine with regard to spiritual influence may be held, which is wholly subversive of Christianity.

In publishing these extracts in the hope that they may prove a beacon to friends, it is important to draw their attention to the pernicious theory before alluded to, viz. that the revelation of the Spirit through the Scriptures is only a secondary rule—that the Spirit himself is a higher rule.

Now the Holy Spirit cannot, in any proper sense, be denominated a rule. Thus to have designated Him, has evidently arisen from misapprehension of terms, and has led to confusion of ideas; for whilst we reverently and thankfully acknowledge the Holy Spirit to be the great agent in the believer, through whom his sanctification is effected, it is plain that the rule must be that which proceeds from