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Attempt to supersede the Gospel.

"When we speak to the natives [Indians] of our country, we have reason to suppose that they have a higher sense of this divine light of God in the soul, than the professors of Christianity generally have. They appeal to it in all cases respecting the soul. They appeal to it abundantly, as I have witnessed among those with whom I have had converse; especially those who have never had intercourse with any, except their own nation.—The religion of Christ and the Gospel is one in all the nations of the earth. And I have no doubt, that there are those in every nation of the earth, who have the religion of Jesus,—the religion of truth and righteousness,—and that they are saved by it, and by nothing else." p. 6.

By this insidious doctrine, both the preaching of the Gospel, according to the command of our Lord to his Apostles, "Go ye into all the world, preach the Gospel to every creature," &c., and also the teaching of the Holy Spirit by the Scriptures, are rendered useless.