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ages was not made known unto the sons of men, as it is now revealed unto the
holy Apostles and Prophets by the Spirit." Eph. iii. 3, 5.

We might bring forward many more passages in this place, each being distinct and separate proofs of our position, but we refer the reader to several of the quotations under Sermon II. Extract 2. And under Sermon III, Extract 3.

It may be said, What then must become of the Heathen? We answer, we know no more of the ultimate dealings of God with men, than what he has been pleased to reveal in the Scriptures; and as he has therein made known, what concerns those who have his testimonies, rather than what relates to those who have not; let us not presume to speculate—either to fix their inevitable doom, or to determine that they are safe without the knowledge of the Gospel. If we have been made partakers of the hope of salvation through Jesus Christ, let us, whilst acknowledging that God is righteous in all his ways, earnestly seek to diffuse that blessed Gospel, from which we receive such incalculable benefit in this life, and such bright hopes with regard to that which is to come. And let none of us shut our eyes against what God has made known to us, because there are other things which, in his wisdom, he hides from us.

The assertion in the foregoing extract, "that he is only known and found in the still small voice," is wholly unsupported by Scripture. And we know not by what authority it is said, "that what is to be known of God is manifested only in man." Rom. i. 19, will bear no such construction.