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108 GROWTH OF HINDUISM. noted : Barth's Religions of India ; H. H. Wilson's Religion of the Hindus, and his Vishnu Pur ana Sir Alfred Lyall's Asiatic Studies; Colebrooke's Essays on the Religion and Philosophy of the Hindus ; Garcin de Tassy's Histoire de la Littirature Hindouie et Hindoustanie, and his Les Auteurs Hindoustanis et leurs Ouvrages ; Graf Bjornstjerna's Die Theogonie Philo- sophic und Kosmogonie der Hindus ; Fergusson's History of Indian and Eastern Architecture, and his Tree ' and Serpent Worship ; Trumpp's Die Religion der Sikhs, and his Nanak ; Mozoomdar's Faith and Progress of the Brahmo-Somaj (Calcutta, 1882); and Miss Collet's Brahmo Year- Book; Sir Monier Williams' Non-Christian Religious Systems, Hinduism, and his Religious Thought and Life in India ; Sir William Hunter's Orissa, and his Rural Bengal ; Dr. J. Wilson's Indian Caste, and Sherring's Hindu Tribes and Castes (two works of great original value) ; Steele's Law and Custom of Hindu Castes (for Western India) ; Nelson's View of Hindu Law, and Burnell's Dayavibhdga (for the Madras Presidency). Also again Max Miiller's Hibbert Lectures and his Sacred Books of the East, together with the easily accessible volumes of Triibner's Oriental Series and in the Bibliotheca Indica too numerous to specify.