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[^76] CHAPTER XIII. The Foundation of British Rule in India, 1746-1805. The object of this history is to give a concise survey of the Indian peoples. What English rule has done for those peoples may best be realized by comparing India under the Muhamma- dans, as shown in Chapters IX. and X., with India at the present day. Such a comparison lies beyond the scope of this work ; and a brief narrative of events must here suffice. Chronology : Clive to the Marquess of Lansdowne. British Governors and Governors-General of India under the East India Company, i 758-1858. , Marquess Comwallis (second time). Sir George Barlow, Bart, (temporary). Lord (aft. Earl oi) Minto. Earl of Moira (Marquess of Hastings). John Adam (officiating). Lord (aft. Earl) Amherst. Wm. Butterworth Bayley (offi- ciating). Lord William Cavendish Ben- tinck. Sir Charles Metcalfe, after- wards Lord Metcalfe (temporary). Lord (aft. Earl of) Auckland. Lord (aft. Earl of) Ellen- borough. Sir Henry (aft. Viscount) Hardinge. . Earl (afterwards Marquess) of Dalhousie. . Viscount (aft. Earl) Canning. Governors. 1805. 1758. Colonel (afterwards Lord) 1805. Clive. 1760. J. Z. H dwell (officiating). 1807. 1760. H. Vansittart. 1813. 1764. John Spencer (officiating). 1765. Lord Clive (second time). 1823. 1767. Harry Verelst. 1823. 1769. JohnCartier. 1828. 1772. Warren Hastings. 1828. Governors-General. I835- 1774. Warren Hastings. 1785. Sir John Macpherson, Bart. (officiating). 1836. 17S6. Earl (aft. Marquess) Com- 1842. wallis. 1793. Sir John Shore, Bart. (Lord 1844. Teignmouth). 1798. Sir Alured Clarke(officiating). 1848. 1798. Earl of Mornington (Marquess Wellesley). 1856.