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IRulers of Snoia Series (continued). Earl Amherst : and the ■ British Advance eastwards to Burma, chiefly from unpublished papers of the Amherst family. By Mrs. Anne Thackeray Ritchie and Richardson Evans. Lord William Bentinck : and the Company as a Governing and Non-Trading Power. By Demetrius C. Boulger. Earl of Auckland : and the First Afghan War. By Captain L. J. Trottek. Viscount Hardinge : and the Advance of the British Dominions into the Punjab. By his Son and Private Secretary, the late Viscount Hardinge. [Third Thousand. Ranjit Singh : and the Sikh Barrier between our Growing Empire and Central Asia. By Sir Lepel Griffin, K. C.S.I. [Third Thousand. John Russell Colvin: the last Lieutenant-Governor of the North- Western Provinces under the Company. By his son, Sir Auckland Colvin, K.C.S.I., late Lieutenant-Governor of the North- Western Provinces. The Marquess of Dalhousie : and the Final Development of the Company's Rule. By Sir William Wilson Hunter, K.C.S.I., M.A. [Seventh Thousand. Clyde and Strathnairn : and the Suppression of the Great Revolt. By Major-General Sir Owen Tudor Burne, K.C.S.I., sometime Military Secretary to the Commander-in-Chief in India. [Fourth Thousand. Earl Canning : and the Transfer of India from the Com- pany to the Crown. By Sir Henry S. Cunningham, K.C.I.E., M.A. [Third Thousand. Lord Lawrence : and the Reconstruction of India under the Crown. By Sir Charles Umpherston Aitchison, K.C.S.I., L.L.D., formerly Foreign Secretary to the Government of India, and Lieutenant-Governor of the Punjab. [Third Thousand. The Earl of Mayo : and the Consolidation of the Queen's Rule in India. By Sir William Wilson Hunter, K.C.S.I., M.A., LL.D. [Third Thousand. Supplementary Volumes, price 35. 6d. A Brief History of the Indian Peoples. By Sir William Wilson Hunter, K.C.S.I. [ Twenty-first Edition ; Eighty-second Thousand. James Thomason : and the British Settlement of North Western India. By Sir Richard Temple, Bart., formerly Lieutenant- Governor of Bengal, and Governor of Bombay. LONDON: HENRY FROWDE OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS WAREHOUSE, AMEN CORNER, EX.