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  • Never before has the whole subject of Indian history been so adequately

and so intelligibly treated.' — Pall Mall Gazette. ' A compact body of information, arranged and classified on correct principles.' — Academy. ' A model of combined lucidity, conciseness, and comprehensiveness.' — Economist. A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE INDIAN PEOPLES. Twenty-first Edition, 82ND Thousand. $s. 6d. 'Within the compass of some 250 pages we know of no history of the people of India so concise, so interesting, and so useful for educational purposes as this.' — London School Board Chronicle. 'By far the best manual of Indian History that has hitherto been published, and quite equal to any of the Historical Series for Schools edited by Dr. Freeman.' — Times of India. ' The publication of the Hon. Sir W. W. Hunter's School History of India is an event in literary history.' — Reis cV Rayyet. A LIFE OF THE EARL OF MAYO, FOURTH VICEROY OF INDIA. Second Edition, Two Vols. 24*. ' The picture presented to us of the late Lord Mayo is a fair and noble one, and worthy of the much lamented original.' — Edinburgh Review. ' This masterly work has two great recommendations : it is the vividly and faithfully told narrative of the life of a man ; and it contains a lucid and comprehensive history of recent administration in India.' — World. A SHORTER LIFE OF LORD MAYO. Fourth Thousand, One Vol. 2s. 6d. 'A brief but admirable biography.' — Times. ' The world is indebted to the author for a fit and attractive record of what was eminently a noble life.' — Academy. FAMINE ASPECTS OF BENGAL DISTRICTS. Second Edition, "js. 6d. ' One of the boldest efforts yet made by statistical science. ... In this work he has laid down the basis of a system, by which he may fairly claim that scarcity in Bengal has been reduced to an affair of calm administrative calculation.' — Daily News. A* LIFE OF THE MARQUESS OF DALHOUSIE. Seventh Thousand. 2s. 6d. 'An interesting and exceedingly readable volume.' — Times. ' It can be read at a sitting, yet its references — expressed or implied— suggest the study and observation of half a life-time.' — Daily News. ' A brilliantly written account of the life and work of that able ruler of men, the Marquis of Dalhousie.' — Asiatic Quarterly Review. ' Never have we been so much impressed by the great literary abilities of Sir William Hunter as we have been by the perusal of " The Marquess of Dalhousie." ' — Evening News. BOMBAY, 1885 TO 1890. A STUDY IN INDIAN ADMINISTRATION. One Volume : Clarendon Press. 15J. ' Few living writers have done so much as Sir William Hunter to make British India and its government intelligible to English readers.' — Times.