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IN THE UNIVEKSITY OF DUBLIN. 87 Kennedy (Quintin William), B. A., Hiem. 1881. Kennedy, for (Thomas L.), read (Thomas le Ban), M. A., B. D., anclD.D., ^st. 1875. Kennedy (Thomas Waring), B. A., JEst. 1882. Kennedy (William George), B. A., JLiem. 1868. 5 Kennelly (Maurice), Sch. and B. A., 1684. Kenny ( ), B.A., 1685. Kenny (Alexander), B. A., Hiem. 1876. Kenny (Hugh Nugent), B. A., Hiem. 1881. Kenny (James David), B. A. and LL.B., Hiem. 1877. 10 Kenny (Michael Edward), B. A., ^st. 1880. Kenny (Robert), B. A., Hiem. 1874. — M. A., Vern. 1878. Kenny (Thomas Macnamara), B. A., Vern. 1879. Kenny (William), B.A., Hiem. 1867.— M. A., ^st. 1879. Kenny (William Frederick), B. A., ^st. 1877. 15 Kenny (William Wallace), B. A., Fern., M. B., ^st. 1876. Keogh (George Darell), B. A., Hiem. 1882.— LL. B., .^st. . Keogh, for (George), read (George Patrick), M. A., u3^st. 1867. Keogh (Joseph Wiseman), B. A., JEst. 1881. Keogh (William), B. A., u^st. 1869. 20 Kerbusch (Leo), Mus. B. and Mus. D., ^st. 1869. Kernan (James), B. A., Vern. 1880. Keman (John George), B.A., Hiem. 1877. — LL.B., Vern. 1878 — M.A., Ji:st. 1 88 1. Kernan (Richard Arthurs), B. A., j^st. 1880. Kerr (Elias William), B.A. and M.B., ^st., M.Ch., Hiem. . 25 Kerr, for (John A.), read (John Alexander), LL.B. and LL. D., Vern. 1878. Kerr (Robert Shaw), B. A., Hiem. 1867. — M. A., ^st. 1871. Kerr (William Henry), B. A., ^st., 1871.— M. A., ^st. 1874. Kerry, for (Francis), read (Francis Thomas). Kershaio, for (William), read (William Ripley), M. A., ^st. . 30 Kettlewell {Zo&)aMPi),for 1826, read 1829. Kidd (Frederick William), B. A., ^st. 1880. Kidd (George Hugh), M. A. 0. {honoris causa), ^st. 1883. Kidd (Robert B.), LL. D., ^st. 1871.