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IN THE UNIVEESITY OF DUBLIN. 89 Kirhpatrich, for (Alexander), (vol. i. p. 324, 1. 34,) read (Alex- ander Thomas), M. A., ^st. 1875. Kirkpatrick (Alexander de Lapere), B. A., ^st. 1878. Kirkpatrick (Charles), B. A., ^st. 1883. Kirkpatrick (Francis), B. A., ^st. 1872. 5 Kirkpatrick (Henry Clare), M.A., Vern. 1873. Kii-kpatrick (James Stafford), B. A., Riem. i86g. Kirkpatrick (John Rutherford), M. D., ^st. 1883. Kirkpatrick (William Johnston), B. A., ^st. 1872. Kirkup (George), B. A., ^st. 1873. 10 Kir-wan (John Henry), B. A., Riem. 1875. Kisbey (William Henry), M. A., ^st. 1874. Knapp (William Henry), M. A., ^st. 1868. Knight (William John), M. A., LL.B., aad LL! D., ^st. 1874. Knox (Alexander), B. A., Riem. 1871. 15 Knox (Andrew), B.A., Riem. 1871.— M.A., ^st. 1877.— LL.B., ^st.; LL.D., Riem., 1879. Knox (Charles Beresford), M. A., Vern. 1863. Knox (Charles Jeffrey), B. A., Riem. 1875. Knox (Denis), M. A., Vern. 1869. Knox (Frederick William), B. A., Riem. 1878. 20 Knox (George), B. A., ^sf. 1878. Rnox (George Beresford), erase M. A., Ver7i. 1863. Knox (Robert Dalzelle), B. A., Riem. 1867. — M.A., u^si. 1877. Knox (Robert Kyle), LL.B., ^st., LL.D., Riem. 1872. Knox, for (Thomas Perry), read (Thomas), and transfer IT. A., Nov., %iz,from 1. 31 to 1. 32, vol. i. p. 327. 25 Kough (Charles), B. A., JEst. 1867. Kyle (Samuel Moore), B. D. and D. D,, Vern. 1872. Kyle (William), B. A., Riem. 1871. Kyle (William Blacker Hamilton), B. A., Riem. 1869.— ^M. A., Riem. 1879. L. Labat (Robert Hamilton Henry), B. A., Riem. 1867.— M.A., Riem. 1874. 30 Labatt (Edward), B. A., Vern. 1870. Lakeman (George), M. A.,, ^st. 1874. Lamb (Wm.), M.A., ^st. 1868.— LL.B. and LL.D.. ^sf. 1871. VOL. II. N