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With regard to this chapter which I have been unable to find, either in the Bodleian MS. of the Agnipurâṇa, or another preserved in the Museum of the Asiatic Society, it will suffice to refer to Major Wilford's article on Vikramâditya and Sâlivâhana, As. Ees. ix. 181.

R. 15. 61.

77 leaves ; Indian paper ; Deyanagari character. Transcribed in 1689.

Devîmâhâtmya, a well-known episode of the Mârkaṇḍeya Purâṇa. Thirteen chapters. (A.) See Oxford Catal. n. 98.


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The commentary in the margin, entitled Duryâvdbodhnî, has as its author Chsturhhufa-miṣra, of the race of Upamanyu (Aupamanyara). The preface is wanting. At the end he says :

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