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A Chinese Biographical Dictionary 133

335 Chiang Kung 1st and 2nd cent. A.D. One of three brothers {"^ ff$ and ^ J^ ), who lived under the Eastern Han dynasty and were so fond of each other that even after marriage they all slept with their wives under the same quilt.

336 Chiang Pin Died A.D. 1521. The chief favourite of the Emperor Wu Tsung, whose notice he attracted by his pluck in action against the, rebels in the Imperial Domain in 1511. He encouraged the Emperor to make tours to the frontier, and to seize girls and even married women for his harem. In 1517, 1518, and 1519, the north-west was visited; and in 1519 the drunken monarch appointed himseK to the chief command against tbe rebel ^ j^ Ch6n Hao, and proceeded to Yang-chou, spending his time in riot and debauchery. In 1520 the Emperor began to doubt Chiang's loyalty, and insisted on returning. On his Majesty's death Chiang, who had been ennobled and placed in command of the frontier men substituted for the Peking garrison, meditated rebellion. But Yang T4ng-ho lured him into the palace on pretence of sharing in the Imperial obsequies, and he was seized and executed. His confiscated property included 70 chests of gold, 2,200 chests of silver, and many other valuables.

337 Chiang P'u (T. H. ). A.D. 1708-1761. Son of Chiang "Fing-hsi. He early displayed signs of talent, and at the age of IB was a great favourite with the Emperor Yung Cheng. His career, except for two years as Governor of Hunan, was passed in Peking; and in 1759 he became a Grand Secretary to the Emperor Ch4en Lung, who treated him with especial consideration. Canonised as ^ ^ , and included in the Temple of Worthies.

338 Chiang Shêng (T. ;|e ^. H. ^ Jg). A.D. 1733- 338 1810. A native of Eiangsu, who wrote on the text of the Canon of History^ advocating the ancient interpretations of the Han