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A Chinese Biographical Dictionary 213

at length, touched by her determinatioii , he gave up hunting altogether.

532 Fan Chih (T. ^^). Died A.D. 954. A native of ^iJfi TBung-ch*6ng in Ghihii, who graduated as chin shxh in 988. At his final examination he was placed thirteenth on the list, '4n order," as ^ ^ Ho Ning the Grand Examiner told him, '^that you may hand down my robe and bowl (q. d. follow in my footsteps), though you really ought to have been higher.'* Ho Ning himself had been thirteenth, and rose to be a Minister of State, a dignity which was subsequently attained by Fan Chih.

533 Fan Chü (T. ;^ ). Srd cent. B.C. A native of the Wei State, who began life in a subordinate capacity to an official named ^ ^ HstL Eu. He accompanied his master on a mission to the Ch'i State, and fell under suspicion of receiving bribes to divulge State secrets. Hstl Eu reported this to the Minister, |^ ^ Wei Ch4, with the result that Fan Chtl was severely beaten. He pretended to be dead, and his body was cast into a privy; but he was rescued by a night-watchman , and lived for some time in concealment under the assumed name of ^ jj^ Chang Lu. Attracting the attention of ^ ^ Wang Chi , who had come on a mission to the Wei State, he was taken by the latter to the Ch4n State. As they neared the frontier, they met the great Wei Jan coming out; whereupon Fan Chfi hid himself in the carriage, for itinerant politicians were not admitted within the State. ^'Ah!*' cried Fan, when the Minister's cort^e had passed, '*Wei Jan is a clever man, but he will regret not having examined this carriage more carefully." On arriving at Ch4n, he received no employment for some time; but at length he managed to obtain an interview with King Chao Hsiang and was appointed Foreign Minister. Then be set to work to undermine Wei Jan, ui^ng that no one ever heard of the King of Ch4n, but only of the