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This page needs to be proofread.


��OCKS (see Ox)


� � �blocked frocked



�cocked houghed



�clocked knocked



�crocked locked



�docked mocked



�flocked pocked


� �CD

� � �cod odd



�clod plod



�god pod



�hod prod



�nod quad



�ODE (see OAD)

� � �ODGE

� � �bodge






�OB (see and Ew)

� � �OFF

� � �cough







� � �coughed doffed



�croft loft



�OG, OGUE (short)

� � �bog frog



�clog gog



�<5Og grog



�dog hog



�flog jog fog log

�catalogue decalogue

�pedagogue synagogue

�OGUE (long)

� � �brogue rogue




� � �choice




� � �fcuoyed alloyed



�cloyed annoyed



�joyed avoid



�toyed convoyed enjoyed void decoyed alkaloid

�unemployed paraboloid

�� �