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Preface v–viii
Introduction xi–l
§ 1. Title. Place of the Book in the Canon xi
§ 2. Contents xiii
§ 3. The History of the Judges, ii. 6–xvi. 31. Character and Age xv
§ 4. The Sources of Judges ii. 6–xvi. 31 xix
§ 5. The Sources of Judges xvii.–xxi. and of i.–ii. 5 xxix
§ 6. The Composition of the Book of Judges xxxiii
§ 7. Chronology of the Book of Judges xxxvii
§ 8. Hebrew Text and Ancient Versions xliii
§ 9. Interpreters of the Book of Judges xlvii
Commentary 1–454
Index 455–476
I. Matters.
II. Hebrew Words and Forms.
III. Grammatical Observations.
IV. Passages Incidentally Discussed.