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Note 3. Some of these verbs may in Danish form their impf . plural in -e: bare, aade etc.

215. Class III.

iee (i). Ex.: gribe to catch, greb, greben; bide to bite, bed, bidt; hvine to shriek, hven or hvinede, hvinte, hvinet); grine to grin (N. gren, D. grinede or grinte, grinet); trine to step (tren, trinet); gribe to catch; knibe to pinch; pibe to pipe (peb, pebet); slibe to grind (sleb, slebet, N. pron. slipt; sleben adj. polished); blive to become (blev, bleven); drive to drive; hive to heave (impf. D. hivede, N. hev, hevet); rive to tear; skrive to write (all these as blive); bide; glide to slide (gled, gleden, N. pron. glidd); lide to wear on (led, leden); lide to suffer (led, lidt); ride to ride (red, redet, N. pron. ridd); skride to proceed (skred, skredet); slide to wear (sled, slidt); smide to fling (smed, smidt); stride to fight (stred, stridt); svide to singe (sved, sveden, N. pron. svidd); vride to wringe (vred, vreden, N. pron. vridd); kige (pron. Nor. kjikke) to peep (keg or kigede, keget or kiget); snige to sneak (sneg, sneget); svige to deceive (sveg, svegen); vige to yield (veg, veget).

Note. These verbs may in Danish form their ipf. pi. in -e: bleve, vege etc. (but not bede, because that would be liable to be confounded with bede plur. pres. of at bede to pray).

216. Class IV.

yöu (ö, y). Ex.: krybe to crawl, kröb, kröben; bryde to break, bröd, brudt; fyge to drift (prtc. föget); ryge[1] to smoke (de ryger it smokes), rög, röget; stryge to stroke (ptcp. strögen); klyve to climb (N. imperf. klöv, D. klyvede, ptc. N. klövet, D. klyvet); N. skyve to push (skjöv, skjövet); flyve to fly (flöi, flöiet), lyve to lie (löi, löiet); byde to bid

  1. Usually intr.; in transitive meaning is in Norway used röge: at röge Tobak to smoke tobacco (impf. rögte, ptcp. rögt).