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Modern Languages.


GERMAN.–Sheldon’s Short German Grammar. (Price, 60 cents.)
For those who have studied other languages and wish to learn to read German.

Harris’ German Lessons. )Price, 60 cents.)
An Elementary Grammar, adapted for a short course or as introductory.

Joynes-Meissner German Grammar.
Part I., “Shorter German Grammar,” 80 cents; complete Grammar, $1.12.

Joynes’ German Reader for Beginners. (Price, 90 cents.)
An introduction to reading; with notes, vocabulary and English Exercises.

Deutsch’s Select German Reader. (Price, 90 cents.)
With notes and vocabulary. May be used with or without a grammar.

Boisen’s Preparatory German Prose. (Price, 90 cents.)
Excellent selections of prose with full suggestive notes.

Van der Smissen’s Grimm’s Marchen and Der Taucher. (75 cents.)
In Roman type. With full notes and vocabulary.

Super’s Andersen’s Märchen. (Price, 70 cents.)
Graded, as far as possible, and with notes and vocabulary.

Faulhaber’s One Year Course in German. (Price, 60 cents.)
A brief synopsis of German Grammar, with reading exercises.

FRENCH.–Edgren’s Compendious French Grammar.
Part I., the essentials of French Grammar, 35 cents. Complete book, $1.12.

Grandgent’s Short French Grammar. (Price, 75 cents.)
An Elementary Grammar, adapted for a short course or as introductory.

Grandgent’s Materials for French Composition. (12 cents each.)
Pamphlets based on Super’s Reader and other texts.

Super’s Preparatory French Reader. (Price, 80 cents.)
Graded and interesting reading for school or college. With notes and vocabulary.

Houghton’s French by Reading. (Price, $1.12.)
For home or school. Elementary grammar and reading.

Lyon and de Larpent’s French Translation Book. (Price, 60 cents.)
A very easy Reader with English exercises for reproduction.

Joynes’ French Fairy Tales. (Price, 35 cents.)
With notes, vocabulary and English exercises based on the text.

ITALIAN.–Grandgent’s Short Italian Grammar. (Price, 80 cents.)
All the Grammar needed for a short course.

Grandgent’s Italian Composition. (Price 60 cents.)

SPANISH.–Edgren’s Short Spanish Grammar. (Price, 80 cents.)
All the grammar needed for a short course.

Todd’s Cervantes’ Don Quixote. (In press.)
Twelve chapters with notes and vocabulary.

Ybarra’s Practical Method in Spanish. (Price, $1.20.)

D. C. HEATH & CO., Publishers,