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parliament, to distinguish these words from Ting thing; furthermore in Throndhjem, Thorsdag Thursday; but these words are now generally spelt without h.

Note 1. t is written but not pronounced 1) in de(t) that, the (pron. art.) and in the enclitic definite article neuter; Ex.: Huse(t) the house. In elevated speech, however, the t in this latter case usually retains its sound.

2) in the words Gjes(t)giver country innkeeper, Vær(t)shus inn.

3) in the infinitive particle at to, colloquially pronounced å, thus distinguished from the conjunction at that, pronounced as written. In stead of Disputats disputation, Notits notice, etc., it is now the rule to write Disputas, Notis, etc.

Note 2. For tj in some words representing the sound of kj see § 119 Note.

104. The sound of t is represented by the sign d in many words finally and before ə after a long vowel; Ex.: blød (t) soft, bide (t) to bite, Baad (t) boat, kaad (t) jolly, vaad (t) wet, Flaade (t) raft, Maade (t) manner, (but Saate hay-cock also spelt with t, because it is a distinctly Norwegian word), Fad (t) dish, flad (t) flat, Gade (t) street, lad (t) lazy, Mad (t) food, fed (t) fat, Gjed (t) goat, hed (t) hot, hede (t) to be called, lede (t) to search, Hvede (t) wheat, Sæde (t) seat (but gjæte to guard (grazing animals) spelt with t cfr. Saate), did (t) thither, hvid (t) white, hid (t) hither, liden (t) little, Fod (t) foot, mod (t) against, Bod (t) amende, Rod (t) root, rode (t) to rummage, Sod (t) soot, Grud (t) grounds, lude (t) to stoop, Knude (t) knot, Lud (t) lye, Pude (t) pillow, Stud (t) oxe, tude (t) to toot, Tud (t) spout, ud (t) cut, ude (t) out, bryde (t) break, Gryde (t) pot, Lyde (t) blemish, skryde (t) to boast, skyde (t) to shoot, snyde (t) to blow (the nose), bøde (t) to pay a fine, Bøder (t) fines, Fløde (t) cream, Grød (t) porridge, møde (t) meeting, Stød (t) push, støde (t) to push, Skjøde (t) deed of conveyance.