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cause the accent to be moved forward to the second part of the compound; Ex. : mis‘unde to envy, but Misu‘ndelse envy, Tilvœ‘relse existence, Tilskik‘kelse dispensation (by providence) but til‘skikke to dispense, Indle‘dning introduction but i‘ndlede to introduce); in A‘fsœttelse removal, U‘dförelse execution, O‘versœttelse translation, A‘fledning derivation, U‘dtapning draining and some others the accent is on the first syllable. Some derivative adjectives with -lig, -ig (cfr. No. 4) and -som have the stress on another syllable than the first (most of these words are of German origin); Ex. : opri‘gtig sincere, œrvœ‘rdig reverend, forsœ‘tlig intentional (but Fo‘rsœt intention), veldœ‘dig charitable, alvo‘rlig serious (but A‘lvor earnest).

6) note the following words: Taller‘ken plate, Vidun‘der miracle, undta‘gen except, Hense‘ende regard, vedkom‘mende in for mit Vedkom‘mende as far as I am concerned (but ved‘kommende pertaining to).

133. Compound words as a rule have the principal stress on their first part (see § 131); Ex. : Ho‘vedpine (pron. Ho‘depine) headache, Hus‘hovme’ster majordomus. But in some words the stress is on the second part of the composition:

1) in some titles and geographical names; Ex. : Oberstlöi‘tnant lieutenant colonel, Stifta‘mtmand high civil official, Kristianssa‘nd, Fredriksha‘ld (but Fre‘drikstad), Ostin‘dien East India; furthermore Sydo‘st southeast, Nordve‘st north west etc. Velbaa‘renhed lordship (and other words composed with vel-: Velgje‘rning deed of charity, Velanstœ‘ndighed propriety, velsma‘gende savory, velsi‘gne to bless, Velsi‘gnelse blessing (but Vel‘levnet luxurious living, Vel‘magt vigor, vel‘skabt well shaped etc.), Skoma‘ger shoemaker, Budei‘e milkmaid, Smaagut‘ter little boys, Smaapi‘ger little girls (but Smaa‘jenter little girls, has the stress on the first part); some